Cleaning sponges

Foam sponges and products are an excellent choice for thorough and gentle cleaning in the professional sector and household use.

A broad selection of sponges and other foam products are used for the professional cleaning of offices and commercial spaces as well as the cleaning of private households. The same applies to car care and cleaning.

PUR flexible foam materials are optimally suited in this regard. Their open cellular structure provides good water absorption. The broad range of different types with various strength levels and cellular structures ensure an optimal balance between thorough cleaning and gentle care for any application. In addition, they are an excellent choice for combining with other materials such as scouring pads for removing tough stains, microfibre cloths for especially thorough cleaning, or PE foam materials as a grip aid.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!


Cleaning sponges made of sponge foam

Sponges for various cleaning applications in professional and household use.

Various sponge foam materials that are different in density, compression hardness, and cell size. Their cellular structure imitates natural sponges and ensures outstanding water absorption and retention.

Cut into rectangles, die-cut with a waist, milled into ovals, or water jet-cut as a half round, depending on the application. Other shapes or designs with handles are also possible.

All sponges can be customised with multi-colour printing on one or both sides using various methods.

Non-woven sponges made of PUR foam for the professional sector

Non-woven sponges for professional cleaning.

Combination of differently coloured flexible foam materials and scouring non-wovens. Polyester foam materials are characterised by their uniform cellular structure, which ensures a clean printed image even for finely detailed logos or labelling.

Foam materials and non-wovens are laminated together with a waterproof bond, equipped with ergonomic handles and screen-printed with pictograms that ensure clear association with the particular application.

We use only high-quality scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness (scouring strength).

Cleaning sponges with scouring non-woven and microfibre cloth

Special sponges made of PUR foam for the Indian market.

Combination of flexible foam material, highly abrasive scouring non-woven, and microfibre cloth. Depending on the application, scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness are available. They are colour-coded—from white (light scouring) to blue, green, red (medium scouring) to black (heavy-duty scouring).

Laminated to a scouring non-woven on one side and a microfibre cloth on the other, with ergonomic handles, and customised with brand name using letterpress printing.

We provide advice and support for developing and manufacturing customer-specific products.

Insect sponges made of prepolymer for glass cleaning

Hand sponges made of highly tear-resistant prepolymer foam for cleaning windscreens.

Prepolymer is an exceptionally robust PUR foam material with high abrasion resistance. When wet, the material becomes sufficiently soft so as not to scratch the glass, but remains hard enough to remove insects and tough stains without residue.

Handles made of PE foam for better handling, screen-printed, and individually shrink-wrapped.

Sponges can also be fitted with inserts or labels as well as being sealed or shrink-wrapped in various packaging Units.

Hand sponges made of hydro foam for car cleaning

Car sponges made of high-quality hydro foam for cleaning and care.

Hydro foam materials offer especially valuable properties. They are distinguished by a very high water absorption and retention capacity, thus making them ideal for thorough and gentle cleaning by hand. The special anthracite grey colour emphasises its outstanding quality.

Precision-cut to size, with a form-cut instead of printed logo. The high-quality form cut contributes to the exclusive product image.

Many foam materials are available in special colours upon request.