Tile sponges and sponge pads

PUR foam materials, particularly reticulated types such as our original hydro quality, ensure the best results for tiling projects.

Tile sponges and tile washing boards are used when grouting and cleaning tiles in order to remove excess grout and clean any grout residue off the tiles.

PUR flexible foam materials, which feature high absorption and retention capacity because of their open cellular structure, are used for this purpose. Reticulated types such as our original hydro quality are used in the professional sector. Reticulating refers to a physical process for increasing the open cellular structure and reinforcing cell walls. This makes reticulated foam materials especially hydrophilic (i.e. water-attracting) and durable. As a result, they meet the highest professional standards for work results and long usable life.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!


PUR foam hydro pads for tile washing boards

Pads made of hydro foam for sponge boards.

Our original hydro quality is an especially hydrophilic PUR foam material based on polyester.

Cost-efficient and cut to very tight tolerances for automated processing. Available with rectangular grid pattern or diamond-shaped cut-outs that increase the surface area and provide even better absorption and retention capacity. Different cut depths in the pattern are possible upon request, as are different cut-out designs.

Pads cut to shape with cut-outs are under patent protection, which makes us the only manufacturer.

Sponge pads made of hydro foam with hook-and-loop fasteners

Replaceable pads for tile washing boards with hook-and-loop fasteners.

Reticulated hydro foam materials are characterised by outstanding durability and tear resistance.

Hydro pads laminated with hook-and-loop fasteners and cut to size. The sponge pad can be attached with hook-and-loop fasteners by simply pressing it onto the sponge board and pulled off again just as easily. Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient pad replacement means there is no need to dispose of the entire board.

Sponge pads with and without hook-and-loop attachment can be customised with logos or labelling using various printing methods.

Hydro sponges made of flexible foam for tile installers

Tile sponges made of hydro foam to remove grout residue.

Hand sponges made of various hydro types that differ in density, compression hardness, and cellular structure and size. Various types can be used depending on the application.

They are cut to different sizes within tight tolerances. Other shapes, either cut to shape or milled, are also available upon request.

All sponges can be customised with multi-colour printing methods, or labelled in other ways.

Packaged tile sponges made of PUR foam

Tile installer sponges made of flexible foam.

Sponges made of non-reticulated PUR foam (basic quality) and reticulated hydro foam (professional quality). Reticulated foam materials are distinguished by a nearly 100% open cellular structure and therefore very high absorption and retention capacity. They also exhibit outstanding durability and tear resistance.

Cut to size to meet customer requirements, printed in a single colour using letterpress technology, and fitted with an EAN label. The professional sponge is also individually shrink-wrapped to prevent the label from being removed or replaced.

Various packaging sizes and types are available.

Hand sponges made of PUR prepolymer for epoxy grouting

Speciality sponges made of highly tear-resistant PUR prepolymer.

Prepolymer foam is an exceptionally robust foam with high abrasion resistance. In contrast to other PUR foam materials, it is resistant to synthetic resins and can be used for grouting with epoxy resin.

Hand sponges partially cut to size from pure prepolymer material, or partially laminated for greater strength as combo sponges made of hydro foam and prepolymer foam and then cut into various shapes.

Other shapes—either cut to shape or milled—are also available upon request.

Super pads made of scouring non-wovens for epoxy grouting

Super pads made of scouring non-wovens for epoxy grouting and removing tough residues and stains.

Depending on the object and application, scouring non-wovens with different degrees of abrasiveness (scouring strength) are available. They are colour-coded—from white (light scouring) to green (medium scouring) to black (heavy-duty scouring).

Cut to convenient working sizes and packaged ready for use.