Presentation inserts

Inserts made of foam not only securely protect high-value items, but also showcase them.

Presentation inserts ensure the attractive presentation of your products. Whether presenting sample collections in field sales or at trade shows, or packing sensitive and expensive items—foam inserts protect any product while guaranteeing optimal presentation.

Depending on the application and product, either PUR flexible foam materials or PE foam materials are used. In the case of PUR foam materials, so-called “colour foams” are often used, which reflect less light and thus exhibit a particularly intense, saturated colour. The harder PE foam materials also come in a broad selection of attractive colours, enabling the perfect presentation insert to be developed and produced for every article in every package.

The following examples are intended to provide a brief overview of our products, materials, and processing options. We are sure to find the right solution for your requirements as well. Put us to the test!

Inserts made of PUR foam for sales packaging

Presentation inserts made of flexible foam for nail care accessories.

Die-cut parts made of deep black coloured foam, distinguished by a balance of stability and flexibility with a particularly intense colour.

Die-cut to exact contours at low cost in larger series; alternatively water jet-cut for smaller series or special requirements. In order to make special three-dimensional shapes, flexible foam materials can also be cut to shape.

Coloured foams are also available in many other colours.

PE foam inserts to present sample collections of ballpoint pens

Presentation inserts made of flexible foam for nail care accessories.

The foam material used is characterised by a fine-cell, high-quality surface finish that is highly durable and unsusceptible at the same time. Its high strength ensures a secure hold.

High-quality, precise water jet-cut design to meet specific customer requirements.

PE foam materials are available in many different colours and strengths—including anti-static or electrically conductive versions.

Insert made of PE foam for museum cases

Multi-layered insert to protect and present high-quality replicas of ancient objects.

The PE foam material ensures the secure protection of delicate replicas, as well as a clearly arranged and attractive presentation.

Designed and developed in close cooperation with the museum’s educational service. Milled and water jet-cut to precision.

One-off designs and special production runs are just as feasible as large series.