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Quality as a matter of principle

Our company has been family-owned since 1959. Patrick Kopischke, the son-in-law of Oskar Pahlke, joined the company in 2009, which has been managed by the second generation since then.

As a locally rooted, medium-sized family business, we combine “old-fashioned” values with modern, flexible processes and methods. We take responsibility and are committed to our region and our environment. Our region is the place where we all live and work. For it to continue being a nice place to live in, we are engaged locally and work with a large network of regional business partners. Our environment is the basis of our lives, not a source of irritation. It merits special protection.

We place great value on trust and on long-term, personal partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. We are aware that commercial business is subject to special constraints that we must deal with every day. Nevertheless, our dealings with each other should always be based on respect and honesty. We take pride in our reliability, even though we are not infallible either—unfortunately. We do not promise anything we cannot deliver, and live up to our promises. If we should make a mistake, we own up to it—no excuses. We hold our employees and business partners to the same standards.

Our unconditional commitment to quality stems from our values. We understand the term “quality” to mean not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our processes and our customer service. Furthermore, we place special emphasis on consistently honouring and developing these processes with a view to their qualitative impact as well as their cost and resource efficiency—for the benefit of our customers and our environment. In our opinion, quality customer service includes easy availability, fast reaction times, and expert advice. All of this combined with personal knowledge of our customers’ particular needs and an open ear for their specific requirements.

Our claim to quality is proven by our certification to ISO 9001 standards, which has been in place since 2005. Moreover, our customers from the automotive industry, medical engineering, and the food sector can likewise attest to this, as we reliably meet their special quality requirements on a daily basis. Whether you need initial sample inspection reports, development releases, or IMDS entries—we are sure to meet your quality requirements.