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Sustainable processing

Regardless of the product, there are numerous ways for industrial companies to operate sustainably. We have already initiated and implemented a series of measures to make our processes more sustainable. 

Despite various measures, there is still plenty of untapped potential within our company. Our challenge is to exploit this potential in the coming years and further reduce the environmental impact of our actions—in the interests of our children and all future generations.

Step by step towards a sustainable future

We continuously optimize our production processes in order to minimise wastage and thus reduce our consumption of raw materials. Material waste is mostly pressed and recycled. Wherever this is not possible, it is disposed of properly. Our vehicle fleet does not include any vehicles that emit more than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometre. This limit is being progressively lowered, with the first electric car added in 2015. In our administrative activities, too, we try to protect our environment and conserve our resources as much as possible. Incoming and outgoing invoices, as well as correspondence between us and our partners, are mostly handled via a digital, paperless process. Whenever printing is required, we use 100 per cent recycled paper. To reduce energy consumption and be more environmentally friendly, we have converted our entire company to modern gas heating with highly efficient gas condensing technology. All production and warehouse buildings have also been extensively insulated in recent years. What’s more, the lighting in our buildings is gradually being upgraded to modern, energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Sustainable energy supply

We have already switched the company’s entire power supply to green energy. Our supplier, Stadtwerke Konstanz, delivers 100 per cent genuine eco-electricity from renewable energy sources, such as hydropower, certified with the Grüner Strom label for green electricity.
Our gas is supplied by Polarstern and consists of 100 per cent biogas from organic residues. Our supplier Polarstern also holds several certifications: every year, TÜV Nord, the Grüner Strom label, and the naturemade star quality seal confirm that its biogas has been sustainably produced. 

However, we want to keep improving in order to protect the environment and its resources as much as possible. For this reason, we installed our own photovoltaic system on the roof of our production plant in Notscheid in May 2019. The system is composed of 891 photovoltaic modules and expected to generate 216,000 kWh each year. According to our calculations, this will make Pahlke energy self-sufficient.